Integrated Women Development Programme

Changing roles

Women, who were fetching water and firewood, now walk confidently to the local bank to deposit their Self Help Group savings. They also negotiate with the bank manager to get loans. They no longer depend on their husbands to make decisions. They are powerful and empowered to face any challenge. They are small business owners.

Women run shops such as to generate income to run their families.

Women run shops such as this to generate income to run their families.


Self Help Groups and Entrepreneurs

Our self-help groups which are integrated into a women federation called Bharathi Women Federation consist 3100 members including 625 People Living with HIV/ AIDS. This federation participates in mass campaign and advocacy to strengthen the issues of women.

SSH believes that investing in women fundamentally strengthens families and societies. Our integrated Women Development Programme instills leadership qualities, strengthens their income generation avenues, advocates women’s rights and ensures new economic opportunities.